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About Aditya Academy Sr. Secondary School

Aditya Academy is a unique institution that has emerged as a hub of prosperity. The institution’s vision is not just to educate but also to gift students a fundamental value orientation for life, for a future balanced society. A budding persona needs proper motivation and confidence to take on the challenges of life and succeed. But what lies beyond success is the formation of a persona enriched with compassion, knowledge and vision. The school takes a stellar role in providing the valuable knowledge and experience to the future citizens and navigates their potential towards successful cohesion of knowledge and application in their formative years. Therefore, the institution is dedicated to imprint the value orientation in the formative years of a child which would enable the child not only to come out triumphant with problems of life but also transform the realistic dreams of life into success with ease.

English Medium School in Dumdum


Chairman of Aditya Academy

Anirban Aditya

I would like to congratulate one and all who are behind this success story. The school is also transforming itself in sync with changing times. All the schools under Aditya Group are set to become a Digital Campus which will help us to expedite work and communicate with parents in a better way. Soon, our Campus will have Hi-Tech Security Surveillance which will be focused around our Student’s safety. We are also planning a chain of Schools along with franchises for junior classes in the near future.

One of our main Goals is also to add Adventure Sports in our curriculum along with current tie-ups which are underway with various strategic tie-ups as well as extra-curricular Brand based exposure for our Students for maximum achievement.

Along with many achievements, Our School is on it’s way to be declared as a Green School.



At AASS, we are committed towards providing quality education to our students so that they can face the challenges of life and be able to walk ‘THAT EXTRA MILE’ in the competitive race for excellence. We do not want them to keep them confined within the world of bookish knowledge but encourage them to explore, think and invent with an inquisitive mind. We believe in providing ‘EDUTAINMENT’ to our students so that attending school or listening to lectures no more seem to be drudgery of life for the children. We constantly motivate our children with the words of Swami Vivekananda-“ARISE, AWAKE and ACHIEVE”.

Mrs. Sabita Saha


From The Principal’s Desk

Principal of Aditya Academy Dumdum

A School is the place where a child puts his first step out of his cradle. So, a school should provide him a convivial atmosphere.

Aditya Academy Senior Secondary located in the heart of the city works for achieving certain goals. It is a depository of efficient and conscientious staff, who works tirelessly to mould the tender minds to come out of their claustrophobia and grow up into dauntless, decorous individuals who master the art of straightening the convolutions of life and are idolized for their achievements. Student’s success is our awards and impetus to modify ourselves and keep going.

Ms. Mita Banerjee



The school motto “Serve The Humanity”, is strongly imbibed among the students of this institution. In sync with changing times and needs of the society we are also transforming the school into a Green Campus.


Aditya Academy Senior Secondary has been playing a crucial role in making the school an abode where the child can enjoy the facets of life and rhythm of living. Through all our activities, we aim at inspiring the child to assimilate constructive thinking so that vivacity and virtue co-exist in the storehouse of the mind of the child and hence build up a good personality. Academic excellence is not the only criterion of true education but development of a disciplined body and mind towards ‘serve the humanity’ (our school motto), is what that is nurtured in this institution. The child is stimulated to develop curiosity and interest which in turn lead him towards experimentation, creativity and innovation. More than just acquiring knowledge the child must grow in manifestation of wisdom. Thus , we believe that by imbibing all these attributes of life through our overall teaching- learning program, we shall be able to promote an all-round development of the child so that the child can grow up to be a good and an acceptable citizen of the nation.

School Song


God is good

I love you O God

My school is good

I love it too,

O God bless me,

And bless us all.


My dear God

By your Grace

Any problem,

I can face,

So bless me,

Give me courage

I am your child

Make me great.




INDIA is my country. All Indians are brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone lies my happiness





Jana gana mana adhinayaka jaya he,

Bharata bhagya vidhata

Punjub, Sindu, Gujrata, Marata,

Dravida, Utkala, Banga

Vindhya, Himachala, Yamuna, Ganga,

Uchala Jaladhi taranga,

Taba Subha name jage,

Taba Subha name mage,

Gahe taba jaya gatha

Janagana Mangala dayaka jaya he,

Bharata Bhagya Vidhata

Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya he,

Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya he.


Rules and Regulations

Speaking in English : The school insists that the child speaks in English and acquire every opportunity to communicate in English in school campus, at games, representation outside the school, to and from school, in school uniform, etc. Guardians should encourage and insist upon their wards to do so to facilitate their wards learning program in English, which shall lead him to achievement and success.

Marks will be allotted for conversational skill as continuous assessment.

Unfair means : If students are found to be using unfair means in an examination, their papers will be cancelled and the concerned student will be debarred from appearing in the subsequent papers. The final decision regarding the same will be taken by the school authorities. This may also adversely affect the co-scholastic grades of the student.

Parents are requested to note that no private tutor should be engaged from the school the staff for their ward(s). This may be strictly followed.

School uniform and grooming :  The students should be in neat and proper school uniform, acceptable and prescribed hairstyle (without application of gel and coloring matters and fashionable hair-cut and hairdressing) and properly polished black shoes (exception for the day(s) when special PT uniform is prescribed). They must abide by the code of the school uniform on special class days, school functions or activities and whenever they represent the school at external activities and whenever they represent the school at external functions. The students must not enter any place of entertainment like theatre hall, cinema hall and restaurant in school uniform unless they are sent from school. Children should come in proper school uniform whenever they are entering the school premises for any purpose.

Punctuality and Discipline : Punctuality, neatness, discipline, good study habits and progress in performance must be inculcated in the pupils and parents should insist upon their wards in this regard. Progress and periodic reports and homework in the diary should be regularly scrutinized and signed by the guardians. Irregularity in attendance may cause problems at the time of evaluation tests. The children should not be allowed to take unreasonable leave. They  should be present in the school on the re-opening day after each vacation. For any unavoidable reason if a student is forced to come late, it should be informed to the authorities. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness insubordination and disobedience, bad conduct, stealing, any form of verbal  or written obscenity, using unfair means in examination, sickness, activities liable to be injurious to others shall justify refusal of promotion or dismissal of the ward as deemed fit by the school authority. Guardians are requested to cooperate with the authorities of the school regarding these aspects for the well-balanced development and well-being of their wards.

Moral Behavior and Attitude: Through matters of discipline are discussed above, yet special attention is given to ensure high standard of moral behavior and discipline in the school to build up good and correct attitude. Students are to address the Administrative Authorities, the Principal, the teachers and the members of the staff with due respect6 and in an upright manner. The students must not be involved in any act of misconduct or indiscipline in the school or on their way to and from, the school, which may affect the reputation or tarnish the name of the school. No reading materials and pictures of objectionable nature shall be brought to the school. No electronic gadgets, cell phones or any other expensive and valuable articles Cellphones or any other electronics gadgets if found will be confiscated. The students must not smoke cigarette, consume pan or pan parag or any kind of intoxicants during their school career. Students caught with such articles in school will be subjected to strict disciplinary measures which may lead to suspension or withdrawal of the student(s) as deemed fit by the authority. Fine will be imposed if any damage is done to the school property.

Assembly : The students must reach school before the assembly and must be present during the assembly. The students must be very disciplined and observe the proceedings of the assembly with mark of respect and honor. The  proceedings of the assembly with mark of respect and honor. The procee4dings of the assembly is secular in nature and emphasize on the development of the child’s personality, sociability, solidarity and spirituality.

Co-curricular Activities: Every student is encouraged to take part in the co-curricular activities of the school as a part of their civic training and make the educational program wholesome and comprehensive. Activities like games and sports, quiz, music, dance, dramatics, debate, public speaking and elocution, social service, etc. are some common programs of our school. In addition , there is a compulsory floor exercise class once a week and all students are required to take part in it. No students will be allowed to abstain from physical exercise classes without a doctor’s certificate.

Loss of articles: Students should be very careful about the safe custody of their personal belongings (e.g. Books,ex. Books, other stationeries, uniform, etc.) The school will not be responsible for loss of any article of the students. However, to prevent loss, the students should mark their books, articles, umbrella, tiffin-carriers, raincoats etc. with their names and symbols. The students may enquire about their lost items at the lost and found section in the  school office.

Maintaining the school diary : Parents and students are expected to follow the school diary regularly. The students must note their regular homework. Monthly attendance record, regularly (for late / absent) record and all other communications from the school to parents. The parents are informed that occasional remarks / communication from the teachers are sent through these pages of the diary, hence, they are sent through these pages of the diary, hence, they are requested to go through their child’s school diary and sign, wherever necessary, to acknowledge such communication. In case the parents / guardians need to communicated, they can do so by written application addressed to the Principal.

Library books: Students must not mark or write on the books they borrow from the peers or from the school library. They must not tear the pages of these publications. They must take care of the library books and C. D. s and return them by the due date to avoid  penalty / fine.

Parent-Teacher Meeting :  We intend to exchange our ideas with the parents / guardians at regular intervals by organizing ‘Parent – Teacher Meeting’ in which the parents are requested to be present in the school on that day to discuss with the teachers about problems and progress of their wards. However, parents / guardians are not allowed to go to classrooms during class hours. The dated of the meeting will be notified time to time.

Other Meetings :  The Administrative authorities, the principal and other members of the staff will meet the parents only with prior appointment. Parents who wish to discuss their ward’s problem or/ and progress with any of the teachers are advise to send their request in writing to the authorities and seek an appointment before among to school. Also kindly note that in case of such event which may arise concerning a child, Then his / her parents when called for should meet the concer4ned authority or / and teachers to discuss such matter which demands prime importance.

Evaluations :  Students are evaluated through continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system in scholastic and co-scholastic areas using different tools and techniques. In case of pen-paper test, the students must not adapt any unfair means and must strictly the test rules.

Promotions :  A student has to get to get qualifying grade separately in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

About The Founder

With a dream to take business beyond boundaries, Mr. Bhaskar Aditya started the Aditya group up in early 90s,mainly in the fields of education, health care,real estate and hospitality sectors. He had an indomitable spirit for excellence along with hard work and enthusiasm. He has nurtured Aditya Group brick by brick with a view to build lasting foundations.



435 Jessore Road, Dumdum,
Kolkata – 700 055



About Aditya Academy Sr. Secondary School

Aditya Academy is a unique institution that has emerged as a hub of prosperity. The institution’s vision is not just to educate but also to gift students a fundamental value orientation for life, for a future balanced society. A budding persona needs proper motivation and confidence to take on the challenges of life and succeed.... Go to About Us

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