Cricket Match

Increasing participation in and improving the standard of youth cricket at school is a continuous aim for Aditya Academy. We recognise the importance of offering high quality opportunities for today’s young cricketers so that children are inspired to play cricket and so that we can continue to produce high quality representative teams and, hopefully, future First Class cricketers.

At school level there are many opportunities for children to experience Cricket through the Chance to Shine scheme which recognises the importance of matchplay in Cricket. On the subject of match play there are opportunities at both primary and secondary school level for schools to get involved in Cricket competitions and this is very important to Aditya Academy as we want to encourage children to enjoy playing the game at every opportunity.


Football Match

It teaches lessons that the rest of high school fails to teach you. High school football teaches the importance of determination, perseverance, camaraderie, how to overcome adversity, and sacrifice, which are lessons that can’t be taught or tested with a pen and paper.– Blake Watson

High School football is important because it gives a person the work ethic that they can’t receive from anywhere else, it transforms a boy into a man and creates a lifelong bond between a group of guys that is stronger than anything in this world. – Pepper Snider



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