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The faculty of Aditya Academy senior secondary school Dumdum shapes its special character. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field. The faculty of Aditya Academy secondary school Kadambagachhi,Barasat consists of 220 full time highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

Aditya Academy senior secondary school Dumdum has to its credit a team of experienced, qualified, and diligent staff members and thus offers a wide range of subjects for selection of the higher level – Commerce, Science, Computers, Maths, and many more. The dedicated staff feels that, “each student is like a sea shell, waiting at the beach ready to be recognized, picked-up and polished and groomed into a much enriched individuals.

All teachers are also involved in some school activity, as House Wardens, Class Reps, the Environment Council, Editorial Board, Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few. In fact, all teachers also share membership with students on various committees, school houses, and supervise individual or small-group research projects. The opportunities for formal and informal relationships with the AAS faculty are plentiful and rewarding, resulting in lifelong friendships as well as professional mentorship that shape students’ lives and careers.

Students learn through teacher instruction, group activities and field trips. Seminars and workshops also form an integral part of the School Curriculum. Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills.

Staffs of Aditya Academy Dumdum

Faculty Of Primary Section

1. Mitashree Ghosh PRT B.Com(H),B.Ed
2. Pinky Mukherjee PRT B.A,P.T.T
3. Sarbani Dey PRT B.A,B.Ed
4. Shipra Chaturvedi PRT B.Com,B.Ed
5. Anamika Trivedi PRT M.Sc,B.Ed
6. Kaberi Naha PRT M.A,B.Ed
7. Jayasree Biswas PRT M.Sc,B.Ed
8. Moumita Chakraborty PRT M.A.
9. Mousami Chatterjee PRT B.A,B.Ed

Faculty Of Secondary Section (Tgt)

1. Anindita Mondal TGT M.A,B.Ed
2. Ila kundu TGT M.A,B.Ed
3. Sarmistha Sen TGT M.A,B.Ed
4. Mousumi Barik Majumdar TGT M.A,B.Ed
5. Reshma Chatterjee TGT M.Sc (comp. sc)
6. Anindita Mukherjee TGT M.A,B.Ed
7. Tanya Chakraborty TGT B.Sc,B.Ed
8. Swapna Halder TGT B.A,Bp.ed
9. Eshita Sarkar TGT M.A,B.Ed
10. Subrata Ghosh TGT M.Sc,B.Ed
11. Ishani Banerjee TGT M.Sc ,B.Ed
12. Shanta Paul TGT M.A,B.Ed
13. Susmita Karmakar TGT M.A,B.Ed
14. Soma Das Basak TGT M.A,B.Ed
15. Nabanita Talukdar TGT M.A,B.Ed
16. Paramita Dutta TGT M.A,B.Ed
17. Tripti Rama jayam TGT M.A,B.Ed
18. Lopamudra Pal TGT M.A,B.Ed
20. Baishakhi Ghosh TGT B.A,B.Ed
21. Monika Chatterjee TGT M.A,B.Ed
22. Arindam Biwas TGT M.A,B.Ed
23. Piyali Mitra TGT B.A,B.Ed
24. Pritilata Khatua TGT M.A,B.Ed
25. Yandrila DasGupta TGT B.A,B.Ed
26. Sangeeta Dey TGT B.Sc,B.Ed
27. Subhamita Saha Bhadra TGT M.A,B.Ed
28. Mahua Saha TGT M.A,B.Ed
29. Somali Sardar TGT M.Sc
30. Atreyee Das Dutta TGT B.A,B.Ed
31. Soma Ghosh Chaudhury TGT B.A ,B.Ed
32. Tanusree Das Mandal TGT M.Sc,B.Ed
33. Latifa Banu TGT M.A,B.Ed
34. Bahni Giri Sarkar TGT M.A,B.Ed
35. Subhanka Chaudhury TGT M.Com,B.Ed
36. Mitali Sarkar TGT B.A,B.Ed

Faculty Of Secondary Section (Pgt)

1. Manasi Dutta Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
2. Suchita Ghoh PGT M.A,GDCA,B.Ed
3. Mili Bhattacharya PGT M.A,B.Ed
4. Susmi Marick (Das gupta) PGT M.com,M.phd
5. Chandan Mandal PGT M.sc,B.Ed
6. Dipankar Ghosh PGT M.sc,B.Ed
7. Saheli Ghosh Kanjilal PGT M.A,B.Ed
8. Rumna Majumdar PGT M.sc,B.Ed
9. Debamala Das gupta PGT M.A,B.Ed
10. Sampa Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
11. Moutui Das gupta PGT M.A,B.Ed
12. Pankaj Mishra PGT M.sc,(IT),B.Ed
13. Chaitali Chatterjee PGT M.sc,B.Ed
14. Shreya Sarkar PGT M.sc,B.Ed
15. Kaberi Das (ash) PGT M.sc,B.Ed
16. Lohita Nag PGT M.A,B.Ed
17. Subrata Bhattacharya PGT M.sc,B.Ed
18. Bipasa Palit PGT M.sc,B.Ed
19. Mahua Das PGT M.sc,B.Ed
20. Bipul Paul PGT M.A,B.ed
21. Barnali Paul PGT M.A,B.Ed
22. Sumana Guha Roy Acharya PGT M.sc,B.Ed
23. Lopamudra Ghosh PGT M.A,B.Ed
24. Swaraasikha Roy PGT M.A,B.ed
25. Sangita Sinha Roy PGT M.sc,B.Ed
26. Lukanya Pal PGT M.A ,B.Ed
27. Tanushree Kangsha Banik PGT M.sc,B.Ed
28. Meenu Verma PGT M.A,B.Ed
29. Etu Das PGT M.sc,B.Ed
30. Keka Roy PGT M.A,B.Ed

Faculty Of Primary & Secondary Section (PTI Teacher)

1. Samir Adhikary PTI B.Com,BPED
2. Sital KumarBiswas PTI B.A.
3. Mitali Mondal PTI S.F.

Faculty Of Primary & Secondary Section (Assistant Teacher)

1. Indrani Thakur ASST.TEACHER B.com
2. Anindita Adhikary ASST.TEACHER M.com(diploma)
3. Rituparna Das ASST.TEACHER M.scc
4. Debashish Bhattacharya ASST.TEACHER B.tech
5. Vaishalini Chakraborty ASST.TEACHER M.A
6. Boney Munsi ASST.TEACHER M.A
7. Piyali Sen Mondal ASST.TEACHER M.A
8. Jamun Barua ASST.TEACHER B.A
9. Jui Chatterjee ASST.TEACHER M.A
10. Moumita Chakraborty ASST.TEACHER M.A
11. Ashima Sarkar ASST.TEACHER B.sc
12. Sarodia Sarkar ASST.TEACHER M.sc
13. Anita Sahani Chawdhury ASST.TEACHER M.A
14. Mahesh Jahesiwal ASST.TEACHER Diploma

Faculty Of Secondary Section (Library Teacher)

1. Anuradha Roy LIB B.Sc,B.Lib
2. Amrita Chakraborty LIB B.Lib

Teacher’s View

About The Founder

With a dream to take business beyond boundaries, Mr. Bhaskar Aditya started the Aditya group up in early 90s,mainly in the fields of education, health care,real estate and hospitality sectors. He had an indomitable spirit for excellence along with hard work and enthusiasm. He has nurtured Aditya Group brick by brick with a view to build lasting foundations.



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